About Us

To be considered an expert in short sale transactions, a real estate company must possess many critical skills and qualities, including: market trends forecasting, property evaluation, seller’s hardship evaluation, market value pricing, short sale pricing technique, short sale-specific marketing, buyer’s agent education, setting buyer’s expectations, effective agent-to-agent communication, successful short sale offer structure, short sale package setup, lender negotiations, lender relationships, good reputation with lenders, have an experienced closing team and finally, if needed, the ability and finesse to give an additional “push” that could be essential to having a short sale approved and successfully closed.

As of late, there seems to be more and more companies and individual agents that proclaim to specialize in short sales, but many of them simply do not have the proper knowledge and skills mentioned earlier. Many never expected the current market decline and therefore, could not have prepared to deal with short sales and foreclosures. Most of them have no idea when this decline will end, and are simply following the knee-jerk speculations of the news media.

As you can see by our 2006-2010 Real Estate Market Forecast (written in 2005), our company has been preparing for this wave of short sales for quite some time, and in the process we have set up the necessary systems, strategies, and procedures to best position our clients for success. Since then, we have completed many successful short sale transactions, and our mission today is to help many more homeowners to safely exit their “upside down” real estate, thereby effectively avoiding foreclosure and even bankruptcy.

If you would like to put our expertise and experience to work, please contact us here now, and we will help you figure out what options you have and how we can be of service.