‘I actually saw my lender suing a borrower in court’

Our second loan was a refinance loan with American General Finance and I just happened to be in the San Diego Court House on an unrelated matter with a family member and the case just prior to ours was American General suing a borrower trying to seek a deficiency judgment against them.

American General was very adamant they did not want to settle and was willing to let the property be foreclosed but San Diego Short Sale Experts went above and beyond in their negotiation with them and somehow convinced them to settle.

-Ron and Theresa

‘I was working at two jobs, 18 hours a day, just to try to make my payment and barely seeing my family.

Now I quit my second job, am saving money and spending valuable time with my family.

 I bought my home then refinanced it at the top of the market in 2006. I set myself up for the perfect storm of mistakes by buying high, getting stuck with the adjustable payment, not being able to refi out of it because of market decline and facing foreclosure and bankruptcy if lenders chose to seek deficiency judgment.

I was very fortunate to run across San Diego Short Sale Experts. They were able to find a buyer for my property, convince the bank to accept the offer and allowed me to quit my second job, get a nice rental unit, repair my credit and buy at the bottom of the market this time!

-Andrew and family